28 December, 2009

Dear Shareholder

At the General Meeting held on 18th December Shareholders approved the Report and Accounts of London Asia Capital plc for the year to 31st December 2007. Also approved were the new Articles of Association of the Company and the reappointment of Moore Stephens LLP as Auditors. No Poll was required but in excess of 106 million Proxy Voles were received in favour of the three resolutions, while 17 million votes, substantially those of Simon Littlewood and his associates, were voted against.

At the Meeting Mr Jack Wigglesworth stepped down as Chairman in favour of the Earl of Cromer and both Mr Wigglesworth and Mr George Allnutt resigned as Directors of London Asia Capital plc.

Your Directors would like to take this opportunity to wish all Shareholders a Happy New Year, a year in which we hope that value in the Company’s shares will be restored to Shareholders.

Yours sincerely

Keith Negal

Chief Executive