22 January, 2011

Dear Shareholders,

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Financial Times – Money Section (page 8)
22 January 2011

London Asia opposes restructure plan
By David Stevenson

Investors in London Asia Capital will be given the chance to vote on the future of the company next Monday, 24 January. In response to a period of difficulty the company’s largest shareholder, Richpoint Group, has called a general meeting. Despite the investment group having seen some trouble, the Board is urging shareholders to oppose Richpoint Group’s proposal to remove the current Board and replace it with new directors.

Over the past year London Asia’s Board has introduced several plans to realise the value in certain holdings in order to raise further cash for shareholders. Since 2008 its Directors have been trying to straighten out the investments they inherited in a process which has included legal action being sought against the company’s previous senior executives in Hong Kong.

Some shareholders believe that the UK authorities should have looked in more detail at the previous management of the company, stating that that the authorities should have taken action and offered support to the shareholders of the company and the current Directors who are trying to recover shareholders assets.

Formerly quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market London Asia Capital specialises in bringing small Chinese companies to Aim and the smaller Plus market.