28 November, 2011

Dear Shareholder

In relation to the contract that DB Consultants Limited has with London Asia Capital Plc, it had been noticed that there was an anomaly in the contract in so far as it was possible for London Asia Capital Plc to terminate the contract of myself and Sir Jeremy Hanley, but for the contract of DB Consultants Limited to continue thereafter. There was no contemporaneous termination between the contracts of myself, Sir Jeremy Hanley and DB Consultants Limited. This was unintentional and inappropriate. As a result, the lawyers and independent Directors i.e. Toby Parker and Francesco Gardin, have suggested minor amendments to the existing contract to clarify this position, which have been agreed by myself, Sir Jeremy Hanley and DB Consultants Limited. Accordingly a new contract has been entered into to take into account these minor amendments. This new contract, which is dated 22 November 2011, supersedes the old contract and is published on the web herewith.

With kind regards,

David Buchler

David Buchler
Executive Chairman