22 February, 2011

Dear Shareholders,

The Board of London Asia Capital plc is pleased to announce the results of the adjourned General Meeting of the Company which took place on Monday 21 February 2011:

Resolution 1 - Passed
Resolution 2 - Failed
Resolution 4 - Failed
Resolution 6 - Failed
Resolution 7 - Passed
Resolution 8 - Passed

No vote was taken on Resolution 3 as Lord Cromer resigned in December or Resolution 5 as, sadly, Mr Negal passed away earlier this month. Resolutions 9 and 10 were not required as Resolution 8 was successfully passed.

The result of the vote is that Mr Sha leaves the board of the Company, Moore Stephens are appointed auditors and the directors are authorised to begin the process of realising the assets of the Company. Your directors are now Toby Parker, Dennis Bailey and Francesco Gardin. Your board would like to thank shareholders for their tremendous support.